The HS1 Global Story

HS1 Global

Los Angeles, California, USA– 

HS1 Global was forged out of the family values of health, safety, and compassion. 

Founder J.B. Vieyra, a former first responder, was deeply concerned about his uncle as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded. Living across two time zones, he felt the risk that his uncle would fall ill and not be able to get proper medical treatment due to supply shortages.  

Procurement, secured. 

J.B., and other stakeholders at HS1 Global, understood that just as the influenza epidemic took its tragic toll 102 years ago, we are now facing a threat that could do the same to our loved ones present today. 

HS1 Global recognizes that there is an unfortunate dearth of leadership in the response to emerging novel coronavirus threats, and amidst the confusion, we are positioned as a leader toward stability, market predictability, and logistical execution. 

A global pandemic requires a solution on the global scale.

Leaders at HS1 Global have confidential partnerships with leading banks, insurance institutions, and large hospitals to safely and securely deliver goods on a truly global scale to meet mainstream demand.

We offer custom solutions based on our clients’ unique needs, including:

  • A robust product catalogue of PPE, ventilators, etc.
  • Shipping insurance
  • Zero-risk buying
  • Delivery-first purchasing
  • Opportunity to inspect goods before committing
  • Shipping at scale and volume

If you represent a healthcare clinic, medical buyer, or other interested procurement party, register with HS1 Global today to join our secured medical supply chain network. 

HS1 Global is committed to helping amplify the voices of under-served workers on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic, and readers are invited to share their stories and struggles with us and our media partners.