Bridging Clutter with Clarity: HS1 Global Partnership Announcement

COVIBLOCK rapid test kits are coming to LA

HS1 Global announces a new warehousing partnership in the Los Angeles area to meet growing demand of medical clinics, reopening schools, and film industry crews all looking to stake out their bubble and protect their people from COVID-19 while enabling their teams to function, teach, and produce. 

Your favorite TV shows and upcoming movies may still have a chance at being filmed this year.

Clutter is a tech-savvy warehousing solution built for the new decade. HS1 Global team members can easily track shipments and maintain transparency in the supply chain for clients. Clutter is built to scale, and has multiple facilities at confidential locations in the region to preserve security. Clutter maintains a loyal employee workforce of movers who are not independent contractors, but are dedicated to the Clutter Logistics mission, to “consistently provide hassle-free and affordable service by investing in exceptional people, smart technology and pristine spaces.”

HS1 Global is a master distributor of the Clarity Diagnostics Rapid COVID-19 Antibody Test, which can show a person who has been battling illness whether they have had COVID-19 or not in ten minutes or less. COVIBLOCK is meant to be used as a preliminary test, to screen out the highest risk individuals who have been sick and were quarantining. For this group, our rapid test is ideal to show whether you were suffering from COVID-19 or something similar. 

Symptoms of COVID-19 match that of other coronavirus diseases, like the common cold, or the flu and this can make it very difficult to know whether an illness was COVID-19 or not. This information can be vital to provide urgent feedback on social distancing practices and adherence. 

Information provided by our test kits actively leads researchers in their hunt for a cure to COVID-19, while also providing policy-makers with the data they need to save lives today and tomorrow, per the Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Over 4,500 Los Angelinos have been killed by COVID-19 so far, and the pandemic is not letting up. The United States has now lost over 150,000 people to COVID-19, and the numbers are still accelerating – we need to change course to save lives, and this means more disciplined use of testing and PPE. 

At HS1 Global we are here to help save lives, and lift the burden of testing and PPE procurement off your shoulders. Our families around the country need this equipment and we invite you to join us in the movement to reverse the pandemic. 

HS1 Global is based in Houston, Texas, where we have a strong employee base and community network. HS1 Global also has a strong south Florida presence and is well-positioned to be able to counter the worst of the pandemic in the coming months.