Jean-Benoit Vieyra

Mr. Jean-Benoit Vieyra, Founder & President

As the successful founder and CEO of Viss Media, J.B. heard the call to action amidst the covid-19 chaos. Providing leadership and building a community unified around the goal of pioneering a trusted, reliable, and safe way to buy medical supplies, J.B. founded HS1 Global in response to the shortage of medical supplies gripping the world today. J.B. is a husband and father concerned about protecting the health of people around the world, and is providing the vision and direction to make that possible. Based in Texas and California, J.B. is a former paramedic who intimately understands the daily risks these heroes must take every day to continue to save lives and do their job. J.B. has used his leadership skills to assemble a broad coalition to tackle this challenge and save lives around the world. 

Jason Fielder

Mr. Jason Fielder, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Fielder brings decades of veteran CEO experience to HS1 Global, with successful startup and finance experience across industries such as driving sales, personnel training, and product management. Specializing in FOREX and life insurance, Mr. Fielder is an expert in driving value and managing risks. Jason is passionate about helping people measure risk and live a healthy life.

Mr. Ajay Joshi, Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Joshi brings over 26 years of successful information systems and cross-cultural business experience to HS1 Global, having worked as a VP at Citigroup, and as a technology leader at GE, where he was nominated for outstanding performance to attend courses in GE’s world-famous Crottonville facility. A Six Sigma Greenbelt, Mr. Joshi has a warm sense of humor, a strong work ethic, and a sharp, bold vision for technological solutions at scale. Fluent in English, Hindi, and Marathi, Ajay is a world-renowned and followed expert in business management and technological systems, and holds a Master’s of Computer Applications from Jiwaji University.

Randy Fox

Mr. Randy Fox, Vice President of Government & Corporate Sales

Randy Fox brings a wealth of experience and leadership to HS1 Global in the areas of government, economic development and business.  He was the fiscal agent (City Treasurer) for the City of Corona, CA and later served as a City Councilman.  He was a board member of several Riverside County agencies ranging from Habitat Conservation,  Transportation, Infrastructure to ground water control.  He is a builder and developer and has been involved with real estate development throughout Southern California.  Mr. Fox is an ordained minister and has worked extensively with the homeless. He holds a Master of Arts and a Master of Divinity degree from Bob Jones University.

Steve Chambers

Mr. Steve Chambers, Executive Vice President of Benefit Services

Demonstrating the heart of a servant leader, Steve Chambers is passionate about securing the health and safety of all people through careful planning and analysis. Steve is a financial planner and benefits advisor, assisting HS1 Global in its mission of securing medical procurement for people everywhere.

Mark Little

Mr. Mark Little, Vice President of Benefit Services

Mark is passionate about empowering organizations through better benefits management, and brings HS1 Global over three and a half decades of industry experience in human resources incentives. Mark serves as CEO of SBC Benefits, and is recommended by his peers in sales and management, and holds a business degree from Texas Tech.

Deborah Livingston

Ms. Deborah Livingston, Vice President of Operations

With over two decades of financial, sales, and management experience, Ms. Livingston is a key driver of project management and vision at HS1 Global. Deborah has developed successful products for some of the largest insurance companies, resulting in profitable multi-billion dollar insurance sales. Having been named “Employee of the Year” by her employer in recognition of her outstanding work as an Actuary, Deborah maintains a Texas Real Estate License and a Texas Life & Health License. She holds a degree in Statistics from University of California Berkeley.

Eric Mbiu

Mr. Eric Mbiu, Vice President of Procurement

Mr. Mbiu is a trusted, independent Houston-based investment broker with an extensive financial and real estate network. Holding a degree in Industrial Distribution from the University of Houston, he is an industry-renowned expert with the FHA and well-positioned to provide value for hardworking medical professionals on the front lines of this crisis. Passionate about service and giving back to the community, Eric is a needed leader in recognizing that the continent of Africa is uniquely vulnerable during this crisis, and is leading the way to fill this need with HS1 Global.

Reggie Gardner

Mr. Reggie Gardner, Sr. Director of Procurement

Mr. Garder brings decades of project management experience in the medical equipment, engineering, and technology field to HS1 Global. Working daily with medical practitioners, doctors, and nurses, he is gravely concerned about seeing growing supply inconsistency in clinics. Mr. Gardner is a well-positioned leader to respond to restore order amidst this coronavirus chaos.


Mr. Raymond Lloyd Sydnor, Director of Business Development

Mr. Sydnor is a community organizer, motivational speaker, and former professional athlete who is concerned with chronically underserved communities. Passionate about enabling healthcare access for greater numbers, Raymond brings a richness and wealth of life wisdom to HS1 Global that cannot be put into words, and serves as a guide and mentor for HS1 Global.

David Mallory

Mr. David Mallory, Creative Director

David Mallory is a professional audio and video production expert who runs a Texas-based creative agency. David is a mission-driven professional who greatly values human life and is passionate about doing everything possible to stem the rise of coronavirus. Active with his church, David remains a strong voice of hope for families split up over quarantine.

Carl Larson

Mr. Carl Larson, Communications Director

As a published poet with an economics degree and years of experience volunteering as a carpenter with Habitat for Humanity in Latin America, Carl brings broad experience across real estate, law, and data science, as well as an extensive business network to HS1 Global, where he provides expertise on writing, editing and marketing. Raised by a lifelong telecommunications executive co-founder, Carl runs a successful independent content writing business and is passionate about helping disadvantaged communities around the world better-access critical medical equipment and supplies.

Nigel Sydnor

Mr. Nigel Sydnor, Sr. Business Relationship Manager

Nigel is passionate about speaking up for those without access to vital supplies and services and brings a wealth of experience to HS1 Global. A skilled sales presence and logistics executive, Nigel has consistently risen above and beyond client expectations in his experience since earning his Bachelor of Business Administration at the Palm Beach Atlantic University, and excels in public speaking, leadership, strategic planning, and is an active mentor in his community.

Gus Spurlock

Pastor Gus Spurlock, Sr. Procurement Manager

As pastor of two churches in Louisiana, Pastor Spurlock is on a lifelong mission to guide individuals both spiritually and physically into better ways of living. Pastor Spurlock assists HS1 Global in numerous ways through his connections with his local community, where he helps disadvantaged people, especially local youth, access services and was a leader in reorganizing and rebuilding New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Pastor Spurlock is recognized by his peers as a leader and holds a business degree from Virginia Union University.

Isaiah Marshall

Mr. Isaiah Marshall III, Manager of Government & Community Relations

Isaiah Marshall is a Baton-Rouge, Louisiana-based community organizer, humanitarian, and finance expert with over a decade of experience in government and business leadership. With a bachelor of science in business management, Isaiah is passionate about affordability in health care for people around the world, and is fed up with the disorganization he has seen in the medical supplies marketplace in the aftermath of coronavirus hoarders. Isaiah is a clear and powerful advocate for people of color and raising awareness about the shortcoming of healthcare in disadvantaged communities.